These Crazy Conspiracy Theories Claim Justice Scalia Was Murdered By Obama And Spock, Among Others

On Saturday, the United States lost one of its most notorious Supreme Court justices, Antonin Scalia. He was best known for fiery dissents and staunch conservative beliefs, which included an “originalist” interpretation of the constitution. Scalia passed away during a hunting retreat at a west Texas ranch about an hour away from the Mexican border. He presumably slipped away in his sleep, but the conspiracy theories have been riding high. Is it possible that “natural causes” isn’t a perfectly plausible explanation for Scalia’s death? Sure. Anything can happen, but some folks are going overboard with fanciful, out-of-this-world notions of how Scalia met his end.

The situation was fueled by Donald Trump, who spoke of strangeness of Scalia having a pillow over his head. Soon enough, the crazy theories began, including the notion that Bill and Hillary Clinton may have something to do with Scalia’s death. President Obama and the Bush dynasty also surfaced as internet suspects, and before long, a satiric website launched into a screed about Leonard Nimoy assassinating Scalia from the dead. None of these theories were discouraged by the Scalia family’s decision to skip an autopsy, so we may never know the truth of the matter. The Illuminati theory has already been posed, but no one has mentioned aliens or El Chupacabra. Perhaps the weirdest theories are yet to come?