A Federal Judge Rules Against John Kasich’s Proposed Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Getty Image / Ty Wright

A recent bill signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich to defund planned parenthood was shot down by a federal judge on Friday. Under the original bill, Kasich would cut funding to Planned Parenthood by not including it with state grant programs for public health and education services. Critics were worried this bill could snowball and not allow Ohio residents to have other health services like maternal health and HIV prevention programs.

Because of the way the bill was written, those against the bill were worried it could defund Ohio’s public health departments. Iris Harvey, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, was nervous Kasich’s funding cuts could have these negative effects:

“Today’s ruling supports the rights of all Ohioans to access needed health care. This law would have been especially burdensome to communities of color and people with low income who already often have the least access to care.”

This is not the first time Kasich has tried to cut Planned Parenthood’s budget. As part of the 2013 Ohio budget, $1.4 million was cut from the organization. And Kasich has not done himself any favors to win over families. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he intends to appeal the ruling, but as of right now, many health officials are thankful it got stopped in its track.

(Via Vox & Law Newz)