Kellyanne Conway Printed Out A Series Of Signs To Defend Don Jr. And The Internet Reacted Accordingly

The Donald Trump Jr. scandal still rages with questions surrounding whether the president knew about his son’s smoking-gun emails. Don Jr. released the messages in an effort at “transparency,” but he mostly revealed his own intent to collude with Russia (by showing interest in dirt on Hillary Clinton). This has reportedly caused much White House chaos, but Kellyanne Conway’s pretending that everything is fine. In fact, she visited with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to wave a few visual aids (“to help all the people at home”) while arguing that no collusion is happening.

The paper did nothing to prove any point, of course. Conway simply held up “Conclusion? Collusion” and “Illusion Delusion” signs with the “Collusion” crossed out. She asserted that the second sign was what was truly happening and chirped about “fun with words.” In the below clip, she praised Don Jr. (who has admitted that he wished he’d done things slightly differently) for dropping these emails in the first place: “How refreshing to have somebody take responsibility, be transparent and earnest.” For some reason, she also bashed Hillary Clinton for losing Michigan in the election.

The Internet, of course, had already begun to have fun with Kellyanne’s signs.

The pee tape jokes will never stop, right? Whether or not that monstrosity ever surfaces, people will never stop laughing.