Kellyanne Conway Defends Her ‘Obsession’ With Hillary Clinton, Citing A ‘Collusion Delusion’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends Thursday morning after her much buzzed about interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, in which she couldn’t stop babbling about Hillary Clinton. Conway was supposed to be discussing the Russia dossier, which had been an earlier topic on the program, but guess what literally almost the first words out of her mouth were, when asked for reaction?

“Well look at the reaction of our president just this morning, Ainsley,” she said, referring to Trump’s early morning tweet. “There is a lot of disgust that this has gone on for so long, and at the heart of this people refused to report who actually paid for the dossier at different times, and I know people love to talk about how we’re so obsessed with Hillary Clinton here. The fact is, we only have to talk about her because people won’t let go of an election that she lost miserably!”

You have to wonder just who it is that won’t let go of the election, of which Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million — but that’s neither here nor there. Conway went on to call Hillary an ungracious loser, adding, “And people continue to talk about the 2016 election in light of the dossier, in light of this ridiculous concocted Russian collusion delusion…”

Conway continued talking, unchallenged and uninterrupted by the hosts, about how no one is talking about Trump’s various accomplishments. “Stuff happens here every day, she added.”