Kellyanne Conway Swears She’ll Never Bring Up Hillary Clinton Again As She Continues Babbling About Hillary Clinton

Kellyanne Conway was a guest on CNN’s New Day on Friday morning, where she had planned to talk about President Trump’s proposed war on the opioid epidemic. Shortly into the interview however, Conway brought up the DNC’s involvement in the Russia dossier, which led host Alisyn Camerota to counter with the new revelations that the data firm employed by the Trump’s election campaign allegedly asked Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to hunt down Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Camerota just tried to get a simple answer out of Conway as to whether or not she, as campaign manager, was comfortable with bringing in WikiLeaks to help. Always the master of deflection, Conway instead dismissed the allegations by saying, “We beat Hillary Clinton fairly and squarely. Russia did not tell her to go to Wisconsin and Michigan– she came up with that all by herself. And we didn’t tell them to spend millions of dollars on some phony baloney dossier to try to smear a political opponent…”

After Conway refused over and over to answer Camerota’s question, she bizarrely accused the host of not being able to stop talking about Hillary Clinton herself.

“I’ll make you a deal, I’ll never say a word again,”Conway promised, as she continued rambling, “No, no, no, if you’re going to keep talking about the campaign, she was the loser so you have to keep talking about her, and you treat her book like it’s not fiction and everything else, she gets a platform on CNN plenty, and you allowed people from her campaign on your network for the last year to sit there and never admit they paid millions of dollars for this phony dossier, they sat there and lied about it…”

“It seems hard for you really not to talk about Hillary Clinton, Camerota interjected, smirking. “No, you brought her up,” Conway shot back. “We dispensed with her a year ago, she lost a year ago.”

And this has been Kellyanne Coway, adamant that she has never or will never speak about Hillary Clinton again. Glad we cleared that up.