Kellyanne Conway’s Straight-Faced Lie To CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Nobody Here Talks About Hillary Clinton’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime Wednesday night to discuss with Chris Cuomo whether or not Trump will sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller, but as her appearances tend to go, the whole thing eventually devolved into a Hillary Clinton blame-fest. While Cuomo tried his damnedest to keep Conway focused on the subject of Mueller’s investigation and collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, she naturally managed to steer things off course.

On Trump’s claims that there was “no collusion,” Conway went on the following rant:

I was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign, and the idea that we would have to look any further than Hillary Clinton to beat Hillary Clinton, itself is a fantasy. I didn’t need to talk to anybody in Moscow, I was talking to people in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina, and Macomb county, Michigan. There is no reason to have to go anywhere outside of Hillary Clinton and how unattractive her policies were. How lacking in vision and connective tissue of the forgotten man and forgotten woman she was. We beat her fairly and squarely in this country, through this democratic process. So many people still can’t get over the election results.

This irony was too much for Cuomo, who retorted, “Says my friend who can’t keep Hillary Clinton’s name out of her mouth.” “Excuse me,” Kellyanne shot back, “I’ll make you a deal, Chris. I’ll never talk about her again, but then you can’t talk about the 2016 election because she lost that election…”

After some continued verbal sparring, Conway very incorrectly claimed that “we,” ostensibly referring to the Trump administration, don’t care about Hillary Clinton. “Nobody here talks about her. Hey Chris, Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton here,” she incredibly said with a straight face.

In fact, the president spent much of his joint press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Wednesday airing his grievances about Hillary Clinton, not to mention he went on to tweet about her Thursday morning. Additionally, Conway herself promised CNN’s Alisyn Camerota back in October that she would never bring up Hillary Clinton again, yet here we are.

You can watch the full segment below: