Kellyanne Conway Dances Around Questions Of Whether Or Not Rex Tillerson Is Getting Fired Anytime Soon

Reports surfaced Thursday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, oilman and probable Trump critic, was going to be forced out and replaced with CIA director Mike Pompeo before the end of the year, seemingly confirming a pair of longtime rumors. When asked by reporters in the Oval Office if the reports were true, President Trump simply said, “Rex is here,” a statement later reiterated in an official White House statement. As a followup, White House counselor Kelllyanne appeared on Fox and Friends and went so far as to refuse to say whether or not Secretary Tillerson was going to be fired soon.

When first asked by co-host Ainsley Earhardt if Tillerson was on his way out, Conway brushed the question aside in order to bring up a few talking points on the Republican tax bill and Obamacare. Finally, Earhardt asks, “Yes or no?”

Conway: “Yes or no, what?”

Steve Doocy: “Will he be there in a month?”

Conway: “Folks, you have to ask the person if they’re resigning. I don’t know people’s intention, I’m telling you what the president said yesterday. The president said yesterday, “he’s here.” Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, is coming to lunch here today. Scheduled to have lunch with the president today, that was already on the books. Everybody serves at the pleasure of the president and everybody who was serving yesterday is serving today.”

“I guess we don’t have an answer today,” Doocy concluded.

An ethics investigation is currently underway to determine if Conway violated federal law the last time she appeared on Fox and Friends, so it’s probably a good idea for her to take a short break from giving soundbites.

(Via Fox News)