CNN’s Chris Cuomo And Kellyanne Conway Got Into A Heated Debate Over Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury Impanelment

Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s impanelment of a grand jury in the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, Kellyanne Conway did what she was expected to do. That is, she popped over to CNN and tried to convince Chris Cuomo that this development was not a big deal at all. Her tactics arrived as Trump was rumored to be deterred by aides from tweeting about the subject (it may still be coming), and Conway was thrilled to spin the matter as usual. The whole clip is mind-boggling, but at around 3:00, she attempted to argue, “This investigation isn’t about Russian interference.”

This, of course, is a false claim because Mueller’s probe almost completely revolves around that subject, but Conway argued that the American people aren’t worried about or interested in Russia. So, this happened:

Cuomo: “Sometimes you have to cover things even when they are not popular. This is an issue of potential national security.”

Conway: “How is that though? How is it an issue of potential national security? What is the basis for saying that?”

Cuomo was then forced to explain that it’s very troubling when a foreign power tries to influence an election, which Russia did in hopes that Trump would instill Putin-friendly policies. This may have been the entire point for Conway, who spins to the point of distraction, and she and Cuomo never really made it to a substantive discussion because he was left reiterating the elementary elements of this Russia scandal.

Elsewhere in the clip, Cuomo tries to discuss how Muller is crossing Trump’s “red line” by digging into his team’s financial trail, but Conway argued that Trump’s ties to Russia only involve the Miss Universe pageant. And then she dashed away until her spin powers are needed elsewhere.

(Via CNN)

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