Kellyanne Conway Touts Trump’s ‘Five-Point Plan To Defeat Islam’ And Then, Uh, Clarifies

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway (who never gets a day off) paid her daily, customary visit to MSNBC on Wednesday. She complained about how the media zeroes in on a particular tweet or one comment, and — only a few seconds later — she dropped a soundbite of her own. Conway wanted to move the discussion away from Donald Trump’s constant antics and haunting history and onto the issues. In doing so, she touted his “five-point plan to defeat Islam,” and you could practically hear the record scratch in the background. It’s a little embarrassing for a major-party manager to let fly that her candidate would like to “defeat” an entire religion of 1.6 billion people.

Conway later clarified to Daily Beast that “sleep deprivation” was to blame for her slip-up. She obviously meant that Trump will defeat ISIS and shaded the media for not covering Trump’s policy in the first place: “All of this is in the context of who does and does not present specific solutions and plans publicly, even if they are not covered widely.” Conway also implied that a lack of media focus on Trump’s issues does a disservice to the voting public. Considering how Trump’s attempts at substance often expose his lack of foreign policy knowledge, Conway may protest too much.

Here’s a longer clip of this interview. Strangely, anchor Stephanie Rhule pounded Conway for eighteen minutes but let the “defeat Islam” gaffe slide.

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