The Nation’s Most Infamous Undecided Voter, Ken Bone, Has Cast His Ballot For The Presidency

On Tuesday, America’s prodigal son Ken Bone cast his ballot, and the notoriously undecided voter hit the polls with gusto, saying “I put a lot of thought into it, and I feel good.”

In this contentious, rhetoric-fueled election, Bone emerged like a ray of light during the second presidential debate while quizzing the candidates’ stance on energy independence. It wasn’t so much his question but Bone himself that got the Internet buzzing. Bone and his disposable camera rode this wave of fame for his proverbial 15 minutes, becoming a web sensation with his own “sexy” Halloween costume to boot. He disappeared from the limelight after his Reddit AMA session revealed he has some peculiar habits. But the Illinois native is back in the news. Ever the most humble voter, Bone said he was not revealing whether he chose Clinton or Trump but told The Hollywood Reporter he was happy with his decision:

“I did vote, but I am not telling anyone for who. I put a lot of thought into it, and I feel good. I made the best decision I could given the circumstances.”

Here’s to you, Ken Bone and your red sweater, for making this election a memorable one.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)