Kenneth Bone Is The Hero The Presidential Debate (And America) Needed Tonight

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was somehow uglier than the first. The candidates refused to shake hands, questions on “locker room banter” turned into deflections about ISIS, Trump told Clinton she’d be in jail if he was president, and when he was pressed about his vulgar comments about women, the Republican nominee brought up Bill Clinton. “There’s never been anyone in the history of politics in this nation who has been so abusive to women so. So you could say anyway you want to say it,” Trump commented, “but Bill Clinton was abusive to women.”

But hey, it wasn’t all bad. At least we were introduced to Ken Bone.

Mr. Bone was one of many “uncommitted” voters on stage at Washington University in St. Louis tonight, but he’s the only one who stole America’s heart with his porn star name, genial demeanor (although how anyone can still be undecided this late in the game is beyond me…), and penchant for disposable cameras. Bone… Kenneth Bone became an instant internet celebrity, because obviously. There has to be some sunshine in all this darkness. Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes they’re in red sweaters.

Are we sure he isn’t from Pawnee?