This Gang Leader Allegedly Ordered The Assassination Of A Nine-Month Old Baby

There are tragedies and then there are acts of reprehensible evil that defy logic — file this under the latter.

Kenneth Eric Jackson — a.k.a. KG the God —  was in a Georgia prison in 2014 when he allegedly used an illegally smuggled cell phone to order a hit on a nine-month-old baby. Jackson, the leader of the Sex Money Murder Bloods street gang, ordered the murder of Kendarius Edwards Jr. in retaliation for the death of a gang member who was killed by the young child’s uncle, Oslushla Smith. People obtained a statement that reports that Jackson was indicted this week for “murder and gang-related charges” in the death of the child.

“This was a ruthless act ordered by a gang leader looking to spread fear and intimidation. We are in a war with gangs in DeKalb County, and too many innocent people are being hurt. This is not your county. Get out or face the consequences,” said DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James.

On May 10, 2014, Devin Thomas, Marco Watson and Christopher Florence allegedly broke into the child’s home; his mother, grandmother, and another woman were present at the time. All three women were cornered and shot, but it was only the child who was killed.

Along with Thomas, Watson, and Florence, a woman named Eunice English is also named in the indictment. All five are facing multiple crimes –more than 15 in total — including malice murder, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Jackson is currently serving time in Autry State Prison in Pelham. Thomas already pleaded guilty to the senseless violence and is serving life plus 20 years for the crimes.

(via People & WRCBTV)