A Kentucky Sheriff’s Office Wants To Help You Take Out Your Drug Dealing Competition

Those wacky cops! Always looking for ways to trick criminals into turning themselves — or each other — in. A sheriff’s office in Franklin County, KY, for example, has posted a form on their Facebook page (because of course they have a Facebook page), encouraging drug dealers to submit the contact information and location of their rivals as a “service”.

While not an original idea — they have disclosed they got the idea from the sheriff’s office in McIntosh County, GA — it’s certainly clever enough to make the rounds online. We’re no legal experts so we’re certainly not going to comment on that aspect of this whole thing but, it’s pretty amusing nevertheless.

And getting caught because your drug dealing competition squealed on you, via Facebook, isn’t nearly as humilating as some other online interactions with the police.

If anyone dealing in the seedy underbelly of drug dealing knows their world well enough, they probably will abide by that timeless code that has kept the dope game afloat for so long: Stop Snitching. When Cam’ron is right, he’s right. Unless, you know, you actually want to get caught.

(via Washington Post)