Kim Kardashian Considering A Vote For Trump Must Be A Sign Of The Apocalypse

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Kim Kardashian may not seem like the patron saint of feminism — she subscribes to a brand of female empowerment that mostly involves a woman’s right to take pictures of herself with her clothes off — but she’s largely viewed as a progressive public figure nonetheless. So it wasn’t out of character when Kardashian attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton last summer, throwing her support behind the Democratic candidate.

A lot of things can happen in a year, however — if it wasn’t clear by the bounty of sadness and schadenfreude 2016 has had to offer — and I regret to inform you that Kardashian is now considering voting for Donald Trump, seen together above in 2010 when Kardashian made an appearance on The Apprentice. And it should come as little surprise that Kardashian’s stepparent Caitlyn Jenner is directly influencing her decision.

“At first I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m so Hillary [Clinton]’, but I had a long political call with Caitlyn last night about why she’s voting Trump. I’m on the fence,” Kardashian said in a cover story for Wonderland magazine.

Jenner has made many claims in the past that Trump is “very much for women,” despite the fact that all evidence points to that simply not being true. At any rate, while neither Kardashian or Jenner’s vote will matter tremendously in the blue state of California, people still expressed their disappointment (or more accurately, lack of surprise) on Twitter.

(Via Huffington Post)