A Suspect Led Police On A Wild Los Angeles Chase That Ended In A Subway Tunnel

Police chases in Los Angeles often arrive with a little extra flair, but one driver of an allegedly stolen truck kept residents wide awake (until around 2:00am) while wondering how this one would conclude. As this ABC 7 video reveals, the driver ended his high-speed adventure in the most dangerous of manners. He began driving on train tracks and then disappeared into the underground subway.

Per Timothy Burke at Deadspin, the suspect was eventually hauled out of the subway in cuffs after canine units were deployed to retrieve him, but not before the Metro Gold Line had to be shut down for fear of a truck-on-train collision. Prior to that unusual twist, however, the truck driver almost hit a pedestrian, drove on sidewalks, and T-boned a taxicab in his quest to escape.

The LA Times reports that the suspect’s truck became trapped on some tracks, and a female suspect may still be at large, but the most dangerous aspect of this chase was obviously the brief disappearing act. One train actually entered the same underground tunnel at the same time as the truck, and a different train simultaneously exited on adjacent tracks. It’s truly amazing that no one was seriously injured during this suspect’s “joyride.”

Here’s a nearly 40-minute video that shows more twists and turns in this chase.

(Via ABC 7 & LA Times)