A Gunman Was Shot Down By Police After He Opened Fire In Studio City

The LAPD has shot and killed a man who was firing a gun in the Studio City area.

Here’s what happened, according to a witness interviewed by the LA Times:

Witness Paul Gilmartin told the Los Angeles Times he was at a Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Ventura when he heard several shots fired.

Then he saw a man in his 40s or 50s with curly hair wearing a black jacket and holding a gun, he said. People in the area starting running in fear.

The man fired two shots in the air and two shots toward ground as he sat on a bench or raised planter outside Union Bank.
“It was so bizarre,” Gilmartin said. “He wasn’t agitated…. He looked like he was just waiting for the cops.”

When police arrived, they told the gunman to put down his weapon. Gilmartin hid behind a tree. By the time the shooting was over, Gilmartin says he saw the gunman slumped over.

As part of the massive police response, major streets in the neighborhood such as Ventura Boulevard and Laurel Canyon Boulevard remain closed off.

This is cellphone video of the incident:

(Via LA Times and KTLA)