Larry David Brings Bernie Sanders Back To ‘SNL’ To Make Fun Of His Monologue Controversy

Saturday Night Live came hard for the nation’s big democrats in a sketch that both celebrated this week’s big election wins and mocked the Democrat National Committee for their commitment to “fresh new faces” such as “hot young thing Elizabeth Warren” and the party’s generally out-of-touch attitudes. But the highlight of the sketch involved Larry David once again appearing as Bernie Sanders, who poked fun at his own monologue from previous week which was met with near-universal discomfort for jokes about attempting to pick up women in World War II concentration camps (“Would I still be checking out women in the camp? There are no good opening lines in a concentration camp.”) David as Sanders espoused the need to call out people who use non-politically correct language, “Like these comics out there who think it’s okay to make jokes about concentration camps. That guy should rot in hell.”

The sketch also included some old friends, such as Kate McKinnon bringing back her Hillary Clinton impression and Jason Sudeikis appearing as Joe “it’s Biden time!” Biden. McKinnon also played Nancy Pelosi in the bit, which also featured Cecily Strong as Diane Feinstein, Alex Moffat as Chuck Schumer, Mikey Day as Tim Kaine (did we mention he speaks Spanish?) and Leslie Jones as “team player” Donna Brazile.

(Via SNL)