Larry King Contradicts The Trump Campaign And Doesn’t Believe Trump Thought He Was Doing A Podcast

Donald Trump and Larry King are buds. Not the sort of buds where King feels comfortable voting for Trump, but still they’re friendly friends. That’s one of things that makes it so odd that Trump’s camp denies they had any knowledge the candidate’s controversial interview with King would be aired on Kremlin-controlled TV. Presumably if Trump takes the White House, he’ll have someone (the BEST someone) sort out if something is on RT (a.k.a. Russia Today) or not.

The Trump camp has been working damage control in response to the Politicking interview, claiming they only believed the chat was for Larry King’s podcast. According to King, that view of things isn’t quite accurate.

“I don’t know what Trump knew. He couldn’t have known it was a podcast, because he just did my podcast,” explained King when speaking with CNN.

The man with the most famous suspenders in news noted that he had repeatedly lobbied Trump to come on his RT program and finally got his wish courtesy of a heavily scrutinized one-on-one that did little to dispel public criticism of the Republican presidential contender’s relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

For what it’s worth, King doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. He stressed that RT has never edited his show and that criticism of Putin is something that happens on the program. In King’s view, this is simply a case of the media making “a mountain out of a molehill.”

One of the more attention-grabbing parts of the King/Trump, uh, molehill was when the presidential hopeful was asked about his thoughts on Mexican immigrants. Instead of a response, the query received silence from the usually boisterous business tycoon. When King checked with producers about the abrupt end to the interview, they were told a “girl” came into the room to inform Trump he had something else to do which led him to hang up the phone. According to King, apologies were made by Trump’s people and the possibility of another appearance has been discussed for next week.

We’re not sure how the copyright stuff works between RT and CNN, but if Trump doesn’t return, may we suggest airing old Trump/King interviews?

(Via CNN)

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