John Oliver Lays Out The Many Reasons Why The GOP’s Trumpcare Bill Is ‘Universally Hated’ And Just Bad

The Trumpcare bill landed in the public consciousness less than one week ago, and even Donald Trump has distanced himself from the legislation by having Kellyanne Conway tell everyone not to call it Trumpcare. Much of the Internet and even Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter judge the bill as a disaster, and now, Last Week Tonight has compiled the many reasons why this bill is just bloody awful.

John Oliver goes on a tear over the American Health Care Act, which he likens to a post-divorce Johnny Depp movie. As painfully hilarious as that comparison feels, there are many serious reasons why America is dragging the act. From talking heads to conservative members of Congress like Rand Paul (who calls it “Obamacare Lite”), the overriding descriptor is “Dead On Arrival.” Medical associations and the AARP are declaring this bill to be an utter embarrassment, and even Breitbart can’t seem to cope.

Oh, that’s not all. Oliver then replays a Paul Ryan (“rock hard”) explanation about why he’s so excited about the bill, which is — as Oliver puts it — “cutting the living sh*t out of Medicaid.” This would happen to such a degree that states would be unable to make up the difference in slashed federal funding, and millions of low-income Americans (up to 15 million people total when tax credits are considered) will be left without medical coverage.

And Oliver wasn’t done yet. He slammed Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s notorious iPhone comment as “complete bullsh*t” and replayed Tucker Carlson’s frozen face before pointing out that even the far-right hates this bill because they see it as overly generous. Therefore, Oliver has no choice but to land on the undeniable conclusion that this bill is “universally hated” and, therefore, the “The Ted Cruz Of Healthcare Legislation.” Ouch.