Let’s make fun of the royal wedding, shall we? (AKA, the only RW slideshow you’ll ever need)

You see that little girl up there in the one pic burning up Tumblr this morning more than any other? Does she not sum up how we all feel right about now? I think she does!

I was hoping that I’d wake up this morning all of this royal wedding madness would finally be over, but alas IT. IS. NOT. So I decided to mock and ridicule the whole disgusting display, again, by putting together a little annotated slideshow of today’s events across the pond. Enjoy…

“Darling, who are these children walking behind us? The one on the far left looks a little mental.”

(REUTERS/Toby Melville)

“Where are all the dark-skinned people? Do they not have any in England?”

(Ahmad Al-rubaye/AFP/Getty Images)

“We haven’t looked into each others’ eyes since 2007.”

“Baseball. Cold showers. Baseball. Cold showers. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!”


“No, I’m not wearing any underwear under this dress.”

(AP/Gareth Fuller)

“It’s called ‘peacocking,’ haters! This is how you pick up boys at a royal wedding.”

(Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

“Believe it or not, Rush Limbaugh’s last wedding was actually much gayer than this one.”

(AP/Alastair Grant)

“I only brush my teeth for royal weddings. It’s a British tradition.”

(Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images)

“Okay, I know you’ve got the ring, but did you get me the Viagra I asked you to get?!?!”

(AP/Gero Breloer)

“I should have never dropped out of law school.”

(Suzanne Plunkett/AFP/Getty)

“I’m going to smack that royal ass with this white glove in a few hours.”

(AP/Alastair Grant)

“Okay, look…other men have may have had my vagina, but I’m saving my butthole just for your royal penis!”

(Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images)

Pippa butt is the new Kardashian butt, bitches. Deal with it.”

(Chris Jackson/Getty)

“And when you’re cleaning a royal penis, young Grace, you should always be sure not to neglect the royal balls.”