Lewis Black Offers Some Last Minute Suggestions To Improve Trump’s ‘Toxic’ Inauguration

Lewis Black returned to The Daily Show just in time to share his opinions on Trump’s inauguration and the parade of famous names that have refused to play the event. The list of names that agreed to play the inauguration shouldn’t surprise many, but artists like Three Doors Down and Toby Keith don’t get a mention during Black’s rant. There’s too much for him to cover and most of the jokes about the main groups have already been laid out. There’s Mormons, an America’s Got Talent contestant, some Rockettes, and a dead horse to make fun of before any of that.

While Trump’s public statements seem to indicate the guy doesn’t care that nobody wanted to show up to sing, you’d have to think he’s a little torn since Nixon managed to get James Brown and he can’t even get a Bruce Springsteen cover band. Sure, he’s got The Reagan Years and they can cover a lot of bands and the Springsteen hits, but you know he’d love to have Beyonce on the stage with him as he’s swearing in.

Black shouts his way through each and every corner of the inauguration, even evoking 2016’s many deaths in the process. The funniest parts are when Black makes fun of himself a bit, comparing Trump’s comments about the lack of A-list talent to his own love life in high school. It’s a fine way to make fun of the event that isn’t happening on other shows. It’s easy to make the same jokes.

(Via The Daily Show)