Lindsay Lohan Is Live-Tweeting Coverage Of The Brexit Decision, It Doesn’t Matter Why

I hope you were ready for a random Thursday night in June to be the day when your dreams come true. Because right now, in the Year Of Our Lord 2016, Lindsay Lohan is inexplicably and amazingly live-tweeting the Brexit decision and the news coverage surrounding it. As strange as it might seem for an actress in desperate need of a career bounce back to be randomly tweeting about a political decision happening in a country thousands of miles away, we’re not really interested in the reason or the sensibility of her doing this. Only that she’s doing this and it is intelligent and perfect.

For those who might not be aware, LiLo recently did a play in London and apparently enjoyed her time there very much. She is also engaged to an enigmatic (AKA Russian) billionaire who probably also has an interest in these things and talks about major political options all the time around the house or at cocktail parties. Plus, lest we overlook the obvious, Lohan’s most famous role was one in which she portrayed a wealthy British child who liked to scheme. Even those few weeks filming in London (if they even filmed on site) might have been enough to instill a great love of the UK in Lindsay’s heart that never left even after two decades.

LiLo isn’t backing away from her opinions on the Brexit either, giving only the hottest of takes throughout the night. How we ever trusted anybody else for news about this momentous decision is beyond us.

Shrewd economic analysis, going hard at BBC News for their coverage choices, and some random product placement thrown in for good measure? Lohan isn’t missing a step when it comes to being a super entertaining celebrity on Twitter while not seeming pitiable. She’s come a long way, and we missed her while she was gone. Our loyalty might have wavered after “Rumors”, but we never forgot our love for LiLo. Starting a conversation with The Telegraph with a reference to Margaret Thatcher is simply beautiful. Watch out, news sources of the UK, Lohan is making her comeback and she is not messing around.

Now all we need is a new single called “All Margins”. It could be a surprise smash.