Lindsey Graham Insists Trump Is ‘Doing A Really Good Job’ While Making Fun Of His ‘Genius’ Tweet

During his appearance on Monday’s The View, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) insisted President Trump was “doing a really good job on multiple fronts” while in office. His comments were prompted by the co-hosts’ questions about Michael Wolff’s controversial new book about the Trump White House, which the senator largely downplayed throughout the segment. He did, however, take the opportunity to poke fun at Trump’s weekend Twitter tirade about his being a “very stable genius” — as well as his own negative comments about Trump when the two were campaigning against each other during the 2016 GOP primaries.

Recalling the fiery primaries and the equally torrential election, Graham said, “He beat me like a drum!” He continued:

“He ran against 17 Republicans and crushed us all. He ran against the Clinton machine and won. So all I can say is, you can say anything you want to say about the guy. I said he was a xenophobic, race-baiting religious bigot. I ran out of things to say. He won. Guess what? He’s our president… In my view, he is my president and is doing a really good job on multiple fronts, and I’ll tell you why. I went into this thing not voting. I didn’t vote for the guy.”

Joy Behar interrupted Graham after he repeated his “xenophobic, race-baiting religious bigot” line, asking if he was calling Trump such a thing again. Her fellow co-hosts pressed the issue again when Graham didn’t answer the question directly. “No, I don’t think he’s a xenophobic, race-baiting religious bigot,” he finally answered, adding: “As president.” Aside from mentioning the phrase a whopping three times, Graham also joked with Behar about Trump’s “genius” tweets on Saturday. “If he doesn’t call himself a genius, nobody else will,” he quipped.

(Via The View)