All The Ways Londoners Are Protesting Trump’s UK Visit

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President Trump is currently overseas on a state visit to the United Kingdom, and while Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin looks happy to be across the pond, it would appear the people of London are less than pleased that Trump and his team have dropped by. The president does not seem to be particularly popular in the area. Political polling from YouGov indicates that President Trump has an approval rating of just 21% amongst residents of the U.K., and Londoners, in particular, are showing their distaste for the President with a number of protests that are meant to catch Trump’s eye.

An anti-Brexit British Activist group, Led By Donkeys, has put together a series of large projections onto landmarks across London during the President’s visit that range from a red MAGA-styled hat that reads “USS John S. McCain” (shone on the dome of Madame Tussauds wax museum) to a YouGov poll comparing Obama and Trump’s favorability amongst U.K. residents (projected onto the Tower of London) to unflattering remarks made by Trump’s own preference for U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson (projected onto Big Ben).

The protests don’t stop there. The Independent reports that during Trump’s visit the infamous Trump Baby Blimp will take to the skies once more, and one protester, 18-year-old, Ollie Nancarrow, has even mowed the words, “Oi! Trump” along with a giant penis — as well as the phrase, “climate change is real” — into his lawn near Hatfield Heath in Essex. The field is not far from the airport where the President flew in, and so, it seems the protester hoped Trump would see the message upon descent.

As far as Trump improving his popularity with the British — seconds before Air Force One landed on British soil, he declared London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” on his Twitter account. This comes after remarks the President allegedly made this weekend about the Duchess of Sussex — caught on audio — in which he said, “I didn’t know that she was nasty.” Neither of which are probably the most effective way to ingratiate himself with the people of the U.K.

Check out some of the ways Londoners have protested President Trump so far below. This is just the beginning of his visit, so, we imagine there will be more to come.