Madonna’s F-Bombs Highlight Appearances Made By Notable Women In Support Of The Worldwide Women’s Marches

Crowds poured into the streets for today’s Women’s March on Washington, with hundreds of marches joining in solidarity around the globe in protest of Donald Trump’s presidency. Despite claims from the administration, the crowds seen today do seem to eclipse those seen on Inauguration Day and the famous names involved do too. Gloria Steinem did set the tone for the day while speaking in Washington, but she was far from the most noteworthy name to hit the streets with the thousands of people in cities like New York, LA, Paris, and London.

The protest in D.C. was the focal point today and the many speakers that took the stage helped drive that home. Madonna’s speech above garnered plenty of attention for her choice of words, forcing many networks to pull away once she started to lay out some f-bombs. Her message wasn’t silenced, though, according to CNN:

“It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the f–k up,” she told the crowd. “It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort, that justice would prevail and that good would win in the end.”

“Well, good did not win this election. But good will win in the end,” she said.

Scarlett Johansson also spoke at the event with a passionate defense of Planned Parenthood in the shadow of many in Congress and within the new administration looking to defund the organization. According to Entertainment Weekly, Johansson gave Trump some respect while hoping that he would give her a reason to support him:

“First, I ask that you support me, support my sister, support my mother, support my best friend and all of our girlfriends, support the men and women here today that are anxiously awaiting to see how your next moves may drastically affect their lives…

“Support my daughter,” she continued, “who may actually — as a result of the appointments you have made — grow up in a country that is moving backwards, not forwards, and who potentially may not have the right to make choices for her body and her future that your daughter Ivanka has been privileged to have.”

She continued by pointing out that Planned Parenthood helped her and others find treatment with “gentle guidance,” including with cancer screenings. While every speech helped set the tone for the marches and rallies, Johansson really helped put her face out there with some of the issues women will be facing in the coming years.

Many others took to the streets with signs and marched, including Trump extended family member Joshua Kushner:

And Melissa Benoist from Supergirl might’ve won the day with her DC-inspired sign, but it’s hard to say definitively when Sir Ian Mckellen is walking out with something that captures this week so well without any words:

And if one moment captured a lot of what you’d see on the various signs around town, it was Ashley Judd’s reading of the “I’m A Nasty Woman,” which was written by 19-year-old Nina Donovan from Tennessee according to Variety.

Many others took to social media to show their support, with a lot of famous names coming together and spending time marching together. It’s nice to know you have these types of people behind you, even if it doesn’t matter as much as the normal folks who decided to spend their day on the street. It at least puts more eyeballs on the marches and the issues pushing them along. And as Elizabeth Warren says below, they’re all out there to “fight back” on day two of this new administration. Will it continue to grow from here like the Tea Party did against President Obama? We’ll have to wait and see.

Offerman also made sure to strike out at Piers Morgan for his comment about a Men’s March:

(Via Entertainment Weekly / CNN / Variety)