This Man Uses His Bodily Fluids To Protest A 40-Year-Sentence In The Middle Of Court

Ricky Hand was receiving his sentence connected to a string of armed robberies and must’ve known things were going to go rough in within the court that day. The judge hands down a term of 40 years to Hand and he ends up not taking it well, pulling out his secret weapon to use on his defense attorney and any other unfortunate members of the court according to WHIO:

Ricky Hand, 46, of Springfield, was being sentenced for a series of armed robberies Wednesday and hid bottles full of bodily fluids in his pants to smuggle them into the courtroom, said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly. Hand should have been checked before being allowed before a judge, Kelly said.

“If we would have followed our procedures and policies this would not have happened,” Kelly said.

Hand pleaded guilty earlier this month to a string of armed robberies. Police said he robbed more than a dozen business, many with a weapon.

The interesting twist here is that Hand plead guilty to the crimes and blamed his troubles on past drug use, something for which he was hoping to receive help. The judge felt that 40 years in prison would provide said help, which is actually lenient when you realize that Hand was only facing charges for 7 out of a possible 30 robberies.

All of this stuff aside, Hand was clearly prepared to do this no matter the outcome. The amount of planning that went into his courtroom outburst proves it:

The bottle contained Hand’s feces and urine, he told investigators. He had four bottles hidden when he went into court, Kelly said.

Hand told detectives he hid bottles of his own feces and urine in bottles his cell for weeks, then put them in his pants before he was taken to the courtroom.

The liquids hit his lawyer and four deputies during the attack, investigators said.

Thanks to this outburst, Hand now faces additional charges for harassment with bodily substance, obstructing official business, and retaliation. The incident is also the spark behind an investigation into how Hand managed to sneak the bottles into the courtroom.

(Via WHIO / Law Newz)