Election Tuesday: Bernie Sanders Foils Hillary Clinton With A Significant Upset

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Note: We will provide live results as they happen at the bottom of this post.

Presidential primary season is about to hit full swing. In the wake of Super Tuesday and Super Saturday, we’ve seen some genuine sparks fly in the CNN DemDebate, which doesn’t yet approach the absurdity of the last Fox News GOP debate, but there’s always hope for this week’s debates. The Dems pop onto Univision on Wednesday, and the GOP lands at CNN on Thursday night (the latter should be uncomfortable, seeing as CNN prematurely reported Marco Rubio’s withdrawal from the race).

This Tuesday, four states — Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi — will offer up results. Hillary Clinton is expected to hold her lead (while Bernie Sanders is still nabbing states), but Donald Trump‘s losing ground to Ted Cruz. The two other GOP candidates, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, are still hanging around to collect delegates here and there (although Rubio is making progress) while waiting for their home state primaries on March 15.

Stay tuned for this long Saturday evening. Mississippi results will roll in as soon as 8 p.m. EST, but Hawaii won’t be finished caucusing until (at least) 12 a.m. EST. We’ll provide updates as long as they roll into town.

Democrat State Wins Before Tuesday

Clinton (11 States): Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
Sanders (7 States): Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Vermont

GOP State Wins Before Tuesday

Trump (12 States): Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia
Cruz (6 States): Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Texas, Oklahoma
Rubio (1 State): Minnesota (plus the territory of Puerto Rico)

Delegates Needed For A Party Nomination

Democrats: 2383 (Clinton has 1130 before Tuesday. Sanders follows with 499. Clinton’s count includes several hundred superdelegates, and 171 remain uncommitted.)
GOP: 1237 (Trump has 384 before Tuesday. Cruz follows with 300, Rubio with 151, and Kasich with 37.)

Here we go with the Tuesday results. Thanks for joining us for the ride.

Hawaii Caucus

GOP: Trump (44%) scores a win. Cruz (32%) pops in next along with Rubio (11%) and Kasich (10%).

Idaho Primary

GOP: Cruz (45%) takes the state with Trump (28%), Rubio (16%), and Kasich (8%) bringing up the rear.

Michigan Primary

GOP: Trump (37%) wins with Cruz (25%), Kasich (24%), and Rubio (9%) following.
Democrats: Sanders (50%) claims an unexpected win over Clinton (48%) in a very tight race. Sanders was expected to trail Clinton by as much as twenty points, according to recent polls, but he may have pulled off a major upset. (After all, Sanders won in Dearborn, which boasts the highest Arab Muslim concentration in the nation.) Live CNN broadcasts wondered if the most recent Democratic debate, including Clinton’s auto-bailout attack on Sanders, backfired on her. The Bern’s reaction speech shows how he’s just as surprised as everyone by this result.

Mississippi Primary

GOP: Trump (47%) easily wins this one. Cruz (36%), Kasich (9%), and Rubio (5%) follow.
Democrats: Clinton (83%) nabs another Southern state from Sanders (17%).

(Via CNN & Fox News)