Thousands Of Protestors Gather For The Worldwide ‘March For Science’ To Create A Memorable Earth Day

Saturday is Earth Day and this year’s event is being anchored by thousands of people taking to the streets to help remind everyone how important it is that we listen to scientists and listen to fact when it comes to making policy decisions over grave threats like climate change and global warming. Over 600 ‘Science Marches” are planned to take place in more than 60 countries on Saturday in protest of those who believe the idea of global warming is fake, as well as the recent attempts by President Trump to rollback vital Obama-era environmental policies put in place to curb climate change. The protests are seen as a splinter from the viral push seen after the successful Women’s March in January — an event that made headlines for a message and crowd that outshined the president’s inauguration.

While there are marches happening around the globe and in several cities around the nation, the primary march will take place in Washington D.C. with musicians and speakers doing their best to share their message with those gathered just a few hundred yards from the White House. Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was one the key names at the event in the Nation’s Capital, pushing that lawmakers must acknowledge that science is for all, science shapes policy, and that science can change the world:

Images from the global events are flooding social media, with many braving some wet weather to attend the event.

President Trump has a history of denying global warming, something he once referred to as a “Chinese hoax,” but since he has taken office, his war on reversing policies put in place to curb planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions has raised major concerns with scientists, and just about anyone else that hopes to leave a planet worth living on for their children. Trump has labeled his removal of emission restrictions on companies and Obama-era environmental policies as “pro-growth,” but the reality is his executive orders have chosen short-term monetary gain over long-term environmental health and stability in the eyes of many. Science marchers are out today to let it be known this isn’t the sort of deal they are willing to make.

(Via New York Times)