Marcia Clark Doubts The Legitimacy Of The O.J. Simpson Knife Investigation, Credits ‘American Crime Story’

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The O.J. Simpson murder case had already reentered the public consciousness thanks to FX’s American Crime Story before Friday’s wild breaking news of a knife found on the Brentwood property where O.J. used to live.

Marcia Clark, the prosecutor in the case, spoke to Mashable about the knife and the theory that it somehow could have been connected to the double homicide of which O.J. was acquitted, while doing an interview regarding the hit miniseries in which she’s played by Sarah Paulson:

“I don’t know quite what to think. It strikes me as very difficult to believe that this is actually connected to the murders. I kind of thought that the police actually went through his backyard with a metal detector. I could be wrong about that. But I don’t know. Something about this just doesn’t feel legitimate.”

Clark went on to say that she feels the knife will not “wind up being anything, but we’ll see,” while also showing a healthy sense of skepticism regarding the timing of the story.

“I could also see, the kind of weird attention that this case gets at times, you could almost see somebody deliberately burying the knife there for someone to find later. I can see anything happening here. Anything. It could be real. It could be total non-sense fake. There’s no telling.”

American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson airs Tuesdays at 10 on FX. The miniseries up to this point will be re-run commercial free on the cable network Saturday night, also at 10.

(via Mashable)