Marco Rubio Went Out Of His Way To Protect Trump From Comey’s Testimony, And The Internet Pounced On Him

Marco Rubio has a rare amount of skin in the game of Trump and Russia. He recently learned that Russian interference might have cost him his shot at running for President. And yet, Rubio spent his time with James Comey trying to defend Trump. And the internet took harsh, mocking notice.

Part of the problem is that Rubio, along with fellow Senate Intelligence Committee member Tom Cotton, went to dinner at the White House two days ago, which would be suspicious enough on its own, not least because awkward dinners with Trump are pretty much what the committee is discussing with Comey today. But Rubio’s performance compounded with that with a question that essentially complained to Comey that nobody told reporters that Trump himself wasn’t under investigation. This was especially strange, for Comey made it clear earlier in the hearing that government employees are unable to discuss, or correct, sensitive matters like investigations with reporters. And that was really all Twitter needed:

And yes, the dinner came up. Repeatedly. Apparently Rubio enjoyed the meatloaf Trump loves so much, to the point that Chris Christie had to eat it.

Still, this is old hat for Rubio, arguably the internet’s favorite punching bag, and certainly one of Trump’s favorites. Hopefully Rubio will remember that going forward.