A Dozen Mardi Gras Parade Marchers In Alabama Were Injured When A Car Drove Into A Crowd

Mardi Gras celebrations took a somber turn in Gulf Shores, Alabama when a car drove into a crowd on Fat Tuesday. This Fox News video shows the aftermath of the incident, and CNN soon revealed that twelve members of the local high school’s marching band were injured, four of them critically. The band had been preparing to perform in the city’s parade celebrations, but a 73-year-old man accelerated and hit them.

It’s unknown why the man accelerated, but city spokesperson Grant Brown said drugs or alcohol don’t appear to be involved, nor do they believe this was an intentional act. Tuesday’s events come after a similar accident occurred on Saturday in New Orleans, where 25 people were injured after a truck plowed into a parade. Officials involved in that situation believe the driver was “highly intoxicated.”

Back in Alabama, authorities revealed that the band had begun their initial march to the event and entered the local highway. At that point, the driver, who was behind the procession, drove forward, injuring the 12 members. Officials have closed Highway 59 (where the incident occurred) indefinitely, and the four critically injured members of the band are being treated for their injuries at local hospitals.

The identity of the 73-year-old driver was not immediately available, but ABC News reported he is being interviewed and will be drug tested.

(Via CNN ABC News, Fox News)

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