The Marine Corps Will Soon Graduate Its First Female Infantry Officer

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In December 2015, the Pentagon declared that no job in the military would be off limits to women purely on account of sex. Now, the Marines are about to welcome their very first female infantry officer. The name of the lieutenant has not yet been announced, but anonymous sources tell the Washington Post that she successfully passed the last test in a grueling 13-week program, which has a 25% drop rate and is regarded as one of the very toughest of the U.S. military.

The anonymous woman wasn’t the first to attempt the elite training. Over thirty women have given it their best shot, some more than once. Only four have made the attempt in the past two years. The others participated on an experimental basis while the Pentagon evaluated whether it would be a good idea to expand the military’s gender equality. The Marines have been one of the most resistant to parity, making this woman’s accomplishment even greater.

On Monday, the unnamed lieutenant and her male colleagues will celebrate passing the final three-week California combat exercise with a special “warrior breakfast” upon returning to Quantico, Virginia. But according to military insiders familiar with her personality, it’s doubtful she’ll embrace the spotlight even after her name is released, and the final details are made official. Her colleagues described her as a “quiet professional” who joined the Marines and pursued officer training to serve, not for the attention.

(Via Washington Post)