Mark Cuban Just Made Donald Trump An Offer He Cannot Refuse On Twitter

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It’s more or less common knowledge at this point that Mark Cuban is not a fan of “jagoff” Donald Trump. The Dallas Mavericks owner has openly given Hillary Clinton campaign strategy advice in the past and even went so far as to campaign for her himself. Just this past weekend, Cuban made a laughing stock of Eric Trump on Twitter for confusing the American Airlines Arena in Miami to a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida.

So like many Clinton supporters, Cuban was decidedly not amused at Trump’s latest shenanigans, in which the Republican candidate went on record to not only deny that he was responsible for the Obama birtherism movement, but actually tried to pin the whole thing on his opponent. Trump even went so far as to double (triple?) down on his lies by saying that he actually ended birtherism. What a brave guy!

Of course, anyone with eyes and ears who lived through 2011-12 knows that these are flagrant lies, and Cuban has called for Trump to put his money where his mouth is. Instead of spreading more lies and bullcrap about Clinton, Cuban challenged Trump on Twitter to a serious interview in which the candidate would discuss policy and policy only.

And he’s making it worth his while.

As if the deal wasn’t already good enough, Cuban sweetened the pot by playing to Trump’s, shall we say, finer sensibilities.

And then, the mic drop:

Other than the fact that there is probably nothing more terrifying to Donald Trump than to speak about substance and policy; to answer his question: nothing, really.

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