Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Collapsed During His State Of The State Address On Monday

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On Monday, near the end of a 45-minute State of the State address in Saint Paul, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton collapsed in the middle of the session. Fortunately, the governor was not injured when he lost consciousness as his aide’s caught him before he hit the ground. Legislators immediately adjourned the meeting and according to the Star Tribune, Dayton was already awake a few minutes after the scary occurrence. There is no confirmation yet as to the cause of Dayton’s collapse or any after effects. This is his sixth year as Minnesota’s governor and he will turn 70 years old later this week.

Before the unsettling collapse, Dayton spoke about many subjects that are worrying the country as a whole right now, not just the people of Minnesota. He spoke of “serious challenges” such as,

“education achievement gaps, to aging transportation infrastructure, excessive health care costs, polluted waters, and inequities within and between our communities.”

He also promised to maintain the state’s budget amid potential federal cuts, addressed economic anxiety, and urged more money to be spent on public schools.

UPROXX will update this post with any further information about the governor’s status after this sudden and unsettling incident at the Capital.