Watch This Elderly Couple Adorably Bicker On Live TV About Trump And Clinton

One unfortunate, inevitable outcome of this heated presidential election is that the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (or the choice between Clinton or Trump and a third party/protest vote) is tearing apart friends and families. If you’ve managed to get through this election season without hitting the block or unfriend button on Facebook, you are a better person than many.

One person you’d think would have your back no matter what, when it comes to the delicate subject of a presidential election, is your significant other or spouse. After all, you’re with this person for a reason and as they say, politics makes for strange bedfellows. One couple who apparently didn’t get that memo is the husband and wife of 37 years in the above video, who spoke to reporters outside of their polling place in North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania.

When asked why she voted for Donald Trump, the wife says, “Because he’s the best there is right now. Come on, we need somebody strong, we need our country to be our country again and not be owing all the other countries.” The reporter followed up, asking whether or not she was be excited for the first female president. “NO!,” she exclaimed, but was quickly cut off by her husband, who deadpanned, “I am.”

If America can heal itself after 2016, maybe there is hope for this couple’s marriage as well. It might be a bit uncomfortable around the dinner table for the time being, though.