Martin Shkreli Wants To Buy The Gun Used To Kill Trayvon Martin

Putting George Zimmerman and Martin Shkreli’s names in the same sentence is a dangerous gamble if you don’t want to create a singularity of soul-sucking evil. But, in this case, it looks like the notorious pharmacuetical CEO wants to finally use his money for good.

Shkreli has waded into the controversy surrounding George Zimmerman’s numerous attempts to sell the gun he used to murder kill Trayvon Martin. Given that the entire reason we know Shkreli’s name is his propensity toward being a sh*theel, it’s fair if your stomach did a few flips reading that. However, the pharma bro appears to have good intentions.

“The only reason I would bid on the Zimmerman gun would be to destroy it or put it in a museum as a disgusting reminder of racism in the US,” he wrote on Twitter.

Though Shkreli has flashed his humanitarian side before — most notably with a plan to bail out Bobby Shmurda — this looks like the first time he’s considered doing something nice without the motivation of turning a profit (“he’d owe me”, etc).

Those witches who attempted to curse Shkreli might want to go back to their spell book and make sure they pronounced leviosa correctly.

(via Complex)