Martin Shkreli Is Collecting Domain Names Associated With Journalists Who Write Or Tweet About Him

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“Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli doesn’t take too kindly to people making fun of him, so he’s secretly taking out his aggression by buying up internet domain names. Business Insider reveals that Shkreli has recently purchased several new domain names, and five of them correspond to journalists who have either negatively written or tweeted about him.

So far, Shkreli has scooped up domains that match up with names of writers from Gizmodo, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair, Vice, AOL, and more. While he’s been banned from Twitter for taking trolling to inappropriate levels against Lauren Duca, he’s still maintaining his Facebook pages and live streams galore. What he’ll actually do with these domains remains a mystery.

Shkreli, who ascended to internet infamy when he raised the price of an HIV-combatting drug (which Australian teens replicated with ease), is probably best known now for his online personality. He’s picked fights with Chris Evans, Patton Oswalt, and everyone else who isn’t a devoted fan (and he does appear to have some). He also loves trolling people with his extensive record collection to pass the time. Shkreli hasn’t commented on the domain news yet, but keep a close eye on his next live stream.

(Via Business Insider)

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