Martin Shkreli Reportedly Got Pelted With Dog Poop When He Showed Up At An Event With Troll Bestie Milo Yiannopoulos

A planned stop on Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour featuring Martin Shkreli as a special guest had to be canceled on Friday night amid protests on campus. According to SFist, supporters of the Breitbart journalist and members of the Davis College Republicans claimed that the event was shut down due to concerns over the safety of those involved, but that didn’t stop Martin Shkreli from showing up and mingling with those who stuck around after the cancellation. It did not end well for Shkreli.

The event was planned as a meeting of “Twitter villains” according to Yiannopoulos’ Instagram account, but that meeting seemed to stop short of happening. According to ABC10 in Sacremento, violence did breakout during the event between Milo supporters and protestors with the school confirming one arrest:

“To me, you know, this is very disappointing,” said Shkreli. “[UC Davis] is supposed to be an academically school. When I speak at Princeton, I don’t expect this reaction.”

But a lot of the protestors weren’t students and a lot of them came hoping to protest peacefully. That wasn’t the case and things quickly escalated.

There were several fights that broke out, and some people were dragged by police out of the building.

One protestor even threw hot coffee at an ABC10 camera crew and their equipment.

ABC10’s Frances Wang caught most of the protest on camera, including the appearance of Shkreli that is highlighted by an unidentified protestor screaming obscenities and then hitting the controversial figure in the face with what was reportedly dog poop. Yiannopoulos was also at UCDavis on Friday night, but did not appear in front of the crowd.

Some reports from the event, mostly from supporters of Yiannopoulos, claimed there were “hammers, smashed windows, and barricades being torn away” at the event. While it’s clear in the video from ABC10 that there was violence between protestors and attendees at the event, UCDavis denied these allegations and only cited the one arrest from the evening.

Supporters at the event at UCDavis along with Yiannopoulos regarded the cancellation of the event as censorship and scheduled a march on the campus Saturday, despite the protests of campus officials according to The Washington Post:

Yiannopoulos, along with members of the student organization, fired back on Saturday by marching on campus as a way to show their dismay over the event’s cancellation. Standing on a bench in front of a large crowd of supporters, a megaphone in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in another, Yiannopoulos criticized what he described as violent and intolerant actions of the protesters — people he referred to as the left.

This is Shkreli’s first appearance since he was suspended from Twitter for harassment of Teen Vogue journalist Lauren Duca.

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