Twitter Is Ridiculing Matt Lauer’s Breezy Donald Trump Interview With #LaueringTheBar

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Takes Part In Candidate Forum In New York
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In case you missed it, Wednesday night’s Commander-In-Chief Forum on NBC was largely seen as an unmitigated disaster, as Matt Lauer grilled Hillary Clinton with the same tired questions about her email server that she’s answered to so many times in the past, in lieu of any kind of meaningful discussion about policy. Meanwhile, Lauer allowed Donald Trump to breeze through his interview segment, allowing him to continue to lie about his support of the Iraq war and bestow glowing praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that “if he says great things about me, I’ll say great things about him.” Which should at the very least raise a “thinking face” emoji.

Following the interview, journalists and writers were quick to lambaste Lauer for the seemingly biased forum, calling his performance a “failure” and throwing around adjectives like “scary,” “horrifying,” and “shocking.” And now in the cold light of day, the rest of the internet is taking Lauer to task with the hashtag #LaueringTheBar — which is currently trending on Twitter — to ridicule the host and point out that maybe he wasn’t the right man for this job. Or any job.

Here are some of the funniest and most scathing reactions below:

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