Thousands Of North Carolina Residents Are Stranded In Homes, On Rooftops After Hurricane Matthew Flooding

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Although much of the media remains fixated on the scorched-earth presidential debate, a storm system that was previously known as Hurricane Matthew is still causing enormous fallout. The system was downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday after leaving enormous destruction throughout the Caribbean and the East Coast. In Haiti, the death toll rose sharply from last count to surpass 1000 lives lost. Haiti’s immense loss of life is coupled with an unfathomable number of displaced victims, and now, the country fears a cholera outbreak in the aftermath.

In the United States, Matthew has been deemed responsible for 22 fatalities, and while Florida was spared a worst case scenario, the Carolinas have seen catastrophic flooding. Shepard Smith may have told the entire world to evacuate or else, but for various reasons, that doesn’t always happen. Now, at least 2000 North Carolina residents are trapped by Matthew-related flooding after 18 inches of rain fell in a matter of days. These floods are considered life-threatening and could continue for days as rivers continue to overflow and dams are breached.

Flooding also remains a continuing danger in South Carolina, where Gov. Nikki Haley said waterways that aren’t currently flooded could overflow by Tuesday. CNN details how responders are currently working to rescue 1500 people in Lumberton, which is located in eastern North Carolina. The area could have seen even worse flooding if a nearby levee had broken. People remain trapped on roofs and inside their homes, and at least one million people are without power within the state.

If you wish to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew, here are plenty of ways to do so.

(Via Reuters, BBC & CNN)

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