McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast May Be Coming For You This Year

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By now it’s likely you’ve heard the rumors: McDonald’s breakfast—arguably the best thing on the menu—might soon be an all-day option. While nothing’s been set in stone yet, McDonald’s has tested the all-day thing at limited restaurants and, Thrillist reports, has also put together an “All-Day Breakfast Taskforce” which means that a) this is serious business and b) there might be someone out there who has “All-Day Breakfast Task Force” on their business card and is living their best life (and ours, to be honest).

The latest news is that all-day breakfast could be here as early as October. That’s based on intel gleaned from a leaked memo that was posted on Nation’s Restaurant News. McDonald’s knows that customers want all-day breakfast because it’s delicious and that workers want it because it makes shift changes much simpler, but do we want it enough for it to be ours? Maybe! At least, McDonald’s wants franchisees to know that the option for all-day breakfast may be coming soon according to NRN:

“We want to make it clear that we are not being presumptive that this will launch,” the memo says, “but we want to make sure the system is ready to turn quickly and launch all day breakfast should all of you believe and support that direction.”

What that means is that franchisees also have to recognize what a good idea hash browns are for dinner and approve the roll-out and that McDonald’s needs to make sure that this is something everyone wants. But come on, who doesn’t want to eat an Egg McMuffin at 3am? Isn’t that what freedom is all about?

(Via Thrillist and Nation’s Restaurant News)