Meghan McCain Declares Steve Bannon Has Been ‘Neutered’ Following Roy Moore’s Loss In Alabama

Following Democratic candidate Doug Jones’ defeat of Republican hopeful Roy Moore in Tuesday’s special election for Alabama’s empty U.S. Senate seat, politicos of all flavors took to Twitter with their reactions. Chief among the more popular posts was a short tweet by The View co-host Meghan McCain, who targeted Breitbart executive Steve Bannon with the succinct “Suck it, Bannon.” A frequent critic of President Trump’s former chief strategist, the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) reupped her insult on Wednesday’s episode of The View when the discussion turned to the Alabama results.

“We have one more Christmas show and I want to get t-shirts made tonight that just say ‘Suck it, Bannon’ for all of us to wear on TV,” McCain told her co-hosts. She then launched into a brief explanation of her distaste for Bannon:

“He espouses himself as the kingmaker right now. That he got Trump elected into office. I’m the first person to say, by the way, we discussed on the show… I didn’t see this one coming at all. [Jones] won by a very small margin. A win is a win is a win. But I will say that Bannon is now neutered. This shows that he is no longer the kingmaker… If you go with these populists in this way, who have these obviously, you know, incendiary backgrounds, to put it as nicely as possible… It shows that there is a moral compass, and there is a point where voters, even in Alabama, will get to and say no.”

We look forward to The View‘s new t-shirts tomorrow.

(Via ABC News)