Meghan McCain Brings Up Her Own ‘Playboy’ Shoot While Defending Al Franken’s First Accuser

On Friday’s Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski made some controversial remarks about Leeann Tweeden, the first woman to come out and accuse Al Franken of sexual misconduct. Brzezinski stated that she had an “incredibly uneasy feeling about [the] entire story,” accusing Tweeden of being a “Playboy model who goes on Hannity, voted for Trump.” Brzezinski’s remarks ended up becoming fodder for the ladies of The View later Friday morning, who more or less universally agreed that her comments were out of line.

Meghan McCain, in particular, took umbrage with Brzezinski. “I think, when I watched this this morning, I’ve been on Hannity, I’ve been in Playboy — I have my clothes on in the photo — but I was in Playboy,” she said, but her point was quickly lost as this was apparently news to her co-hosts. “I have my clothes on, it was for their 40 questions interview, it was actually more scandalous than anything I’ve done in my life,” she explained. “My mother approved the photo, it’s not that exciting,” she continued, trying to get back to her original point.

“I fit into these categories as well,” she explained. “So if I’m sexually assaulted by a Democrat, is my experience now negated?” “And I don’t know what Leeann posing in Playboy has to do with literally anything at all,” she said.

After the break, the producers at The View dug up McCain’s old Playboy spread for those inquisitive minds at home who hadn’t already googled “Meghan McCain Playboy.” “Oh, God,” McCain huffed, as both the panel and audience cheered for her. “I need to say, this was awhile ago, it was a long time ago, and I have to say it wasn’t the photo that got so much attention, I talked about sex as a conservative and it got a lot of attention.”

Impressed, Sunny Hostin said, “I have a newfound adoration for you.” Today was the day that Meghan McCain became co-host of The View.