Meghan McCain Predicts Roy Moore Is Going To Win The Alabama Senate Race

Despite a slew of bad press and allegations of child molestation and sexual misconduct towards teen girls, Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore has inexplicably crept past his opponent Doug Jones in the polls just two weeks out from the special election. Moore has been steadfast in his denials against the claims, and has resorted to lashing out at his accusers, liberals, the LGTBQ community, and anyone else he can think to point the finger at to divert the blame from himself. Such was a topic of conversation on The View on Thursday, however resident conservative Meghan McCain thinks Moore is still a shoe in for the seat.

“Let me tell you something, this guy’s probably going to win,” McCain said, grim-faced. Although she was also quick to condemn Moore. “I feel the need to say this every time he’s on TV,” she continued. “This is a Breitbart guy, he’s not a conservative guy. Mitch McConnell put a whole other candidate down, went down, campaigned for him, Trump campaigned for him, this is not who Republicans wanted. This is a disaster no matter what happens.”

McCain went on to say that Moore is a “huge problem” for Republicans. “It’s so uncomfortable to sit and watch that though, because I do think there are people in the country who think this is representative of all conservatives, of all Republicans,” she said. “And he is a gross … I can’t say it on television because it’s X-rated, but he’s not what represents my party.” She’s not incorrect, but unfortunately it seems as though Moore’s inexplicable popularity is just a symptom of a larger disease within the state’s Republican party.