Meghan McCain Reacts On-Air To Trump Getting The Crowd To Boo Her Father At C-PAC

Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (C-PAC) on Friday was the most unhinged and off-script we’ve seen from him in awhile — from bizarrely revealing what’s going on with that hair situation of his to claiming that a teacher with a concealed handgun could have taken out a shooter with a semi-automatic assault rifle. But what would Trump brand schadenfreude be without throwing a decorated war hero under the bus?

At one point the president attacked Senator John McCain, who is currently battling brain cancer, for being the deciding vote in his attempted Obamacare repeal.

“Remember, one person walked into a room, when he was supposed to go this way, and he said he was going this way, and he walked in, and he went this way and everyone said, ‘What happened? What was that all about?’ Boy, oh, boy,” remarked Trump, who wouldn’t call out the Senator by name, but it was clear to all who were listening who he was referring to.

“Who was that? I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t want to be controversial,” he continued, to enthusiastic booing from the crowd. “What a mess. But, it is all happening anyway.”

Suffice to say, the remarks must have come as a surprise to Meghan McCain, who at one point had a phone call with Trump and was promised that the attacks against her father would stop. The news apparently broke just as McCain was stepping out on stage to record Friday’s episode of The View, and while she must have been incensed, managed to keep her emotions in check.

“This just broke before I came on here, President Trump took some potshots at my father and got the crowd at C-PAC to boo him,” she explained. “My mother is coming on on Wednesday, both of us will be addressing this together, and we’re gonna talk about what it’s like to have this continue to happen as a family while my father battles brain cancer.”

Joy Behar then pointed out that McCain is in good company, because she too has been jeered at C-PAC. If hell hath no fury like McCain women scorned, next Wednesday’s episode should be a heck of a show.