Megyn Kelly Reportedly Claims That Trump Offered Journalists Gifts And Bribes For Positive Coverage

Getty Image / FOX News

Megyn Kelly is entering the final push of book promotion for her new project Settle For More. In the lead up to publication, Kelly has been dropping different tidbits about the 2016 election and allegations against Donald Trump in order to generate excitement about what other secrets she’s been keeping about her journey this year. Of course, some of the things she’s revealing would have been useful before voters decided which candidate should run the country.

The newest Kelly revelations relate to Trump’s reported treatment of the press during his campaign. Earlier this week, the FOX News anchor casually dropped that before one of the debates, Trump may have had access to debate questions in advance. Now, Kelly reveals how Trump reached out to her and other journalists to try and exchange gifts for positive campaign coverage. Kelly says:

“This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign: I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage. Trump tried to work the refs, and some of the refs responded…This is smart, because the media is full of people whose egos need stroking.”

In a year when so much of the criticism against the media was that they were giving Trump too much of a pass, information like this would have been helpful for the public to be aware of before Election Day. There’s no telling whether information like this could have swayed the election with so much animus present on both sides, but Kelly is continuing her trend of dropping interesting behind the scenes details about campaign practices after it’s too late for that information to do anything but sell books.

(via Mediaite)