Megyn Kelly Hits Hard Against Texas’ Lt. Governor Over Trans Bathroom Laws

Megyn Kelly has proven over and over again through the 2016 election cycle that she is unafraid of going head-to-head with Republican leadership, other pundits, and especially the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. That last one has obviously been an ongoing theme for the past six months or more, because in case you missed it a good chunk of the country might be losing their gosh darn minds in a fully public forum. In the latest clash between the US’ two major political parties, Obama has threatened to withhold funds from schools who do not allow transgender students to use the bathroom that they gender identify with.

Well, actually, the White House simply released a memo strongly insinuating that funds could be withheld based on the government’s Title IX interpretation – this on top of the Justice Department’s lawsuit against North Carolina regarding their law. But everyone knows that if Obama’s anger translator Luther was around it would be pretty obvious that Barack was dropping the mic on this issue. As people from both sides of the issue came out of the woodwork to either support or condemn Obama’s actions, one of the most vocal was Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (very different from that other Dan Patrick) who is insistent that this marks “the beginning of the end of the public school system as we know it.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is banding together with other states that have discriminatory laws or are in the process of putting them in place, such as North Carolina’s HB2 law which has drawn ire from many. In support of his state’s rebellion of the directive, Patrick decided it would be a good idea to try to argue with Megyn Kelly on national television. Dear Reader, it did not go well for him. You can watch the full video above, but some choice quotes from the exchange were rounded up by Mediaite and they are priceless. When Patrick used the now-common refrain that this is “allowing men in women’s bathrooms”, Kelly hit back with,

“Allow men in the ladies’ rooms or allow trans women in the ladies’ rooms?”

At one point, Patrick said, “Megyn, you’re missing th–” but she cut him off with a quick, “No, I don’t think I’m missing anything.”

Kelly also shut him down by bringing up the double standard of being against trans women in bathrooms due to the belief some of them would attack women or children when some men have been abusing women and children for literal centuries without having access to their bathrooms. As has been her modus operandi in recent months, Kelly really doesn’t care what people think of her and this doubly applies when guests on her show are being incredibly ignorant or otherwise blind about ongoing civil rights issues. Kelly may not be perfect and still has her own blind spots, but she continues to be a bright spot in this slog of an election season.

(via Mediaite)