Megyn Kelly Delivers A Fiery Indictment Over School Shootings: ‘We Haven’t Done Virtually Anything To Stop It’

Megyn Kelly started off her hour of Today on Thursday morning by addressing Wednesday’s school shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida that killed at least 17 people, and the former Fox News host did not hold back her feelings. Noting that the United States has experienced at least a dozen school shootings so far in 2018 — or, an average of one every three or four days — Kelly bluntly asked, “How we doing, America? Everyone okay with that?”

“Apparently the answer is in fact yes, because we haven’t done virtually anything to stop it. We haven’t done virtually anything. We all know what is about to happen right now, don’t we? We’re going to say how shocked and sorry and sad we are, and then we’re going to move on without doing anything. And then we’ll express how shocked and sorry and sad we are at the next one. And the one after that. Does anyone really think that we are going to do anything after these mass murders? I don’t believe in that, I don’t believe a single one of these politicians. I don’t believe any of them have the courage it actually takes to push through reform. Why? Because history. And let’s face it. It’s not all on them, because we the people are the ones who hire and fire these politicians, so if we don’t get serious, neither will they.”

Kelly went on to systematically dismantle all of the obstacles from preventing mass shooting tragedies, from America willfully ignoring mental health reform to our country’s obsession with firearms — pointing out that there are currently six to 10 million AR-15’s floating around out there, the same gun reportedly used in the Florida massacre.

She concluded the segment by lamenting that she wished she could provide a solution. “One part of it is courage,” she said. “To get honest, to give a damn? To make take that 25 billion for the border wall and redirect it towards this problem? How about showing any resolve at all, any resolve at all to actually solve this problem.”

(Via NBC)