Megyn Kelly’s Rumored Interview With Vladimir Putin Has Been Confirmed

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Megyn Kelly will make her official NBC on-air debut next month, reportedly with the hard-hitting topic of, uh, interviewing the Kardashians. She’ll likely do so not during her in-depth, newsy Sunday night news show but during the time slot that used to house Today‘s third hour. As for those rumors that Kelly would also interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, the dream will become reality. Kelly has secured the deal to travel to Russia for the gig. At some point between June 1st and 3rd, she will help moderate a conference of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will include a conversation between herself and President Trump’s former BFF. What will she talk about with Putin? Deadline reports only vague details:

NBC News said Kelly’s conversation on stage will include international trade agreements, cyber-security and the impact of rising military tensions.

Will Kelly come in hard during this interview and demand answers on Russia-Trump ties? She didn’t do so while conducting a toothless interview with Trump, despite his history of referring to her as a bimbo (which he conveniently forgot). The answer likely depends on what kind of tone she plans to set for her NBC tenure, but Kelly will find one disappointed audience if she doesn’t seize the opportunity to really grill Putin. (And unlike Russian journalists, she hopefully has some dependable security.)

On a related note, guess who else has already interviewed Putin? Oliver Stone. In this trailer for his creatively-titled documentary, The Putin Interviews, Stone asks his subject, Why did Russia hack the election?” In response, Putin only giggled. Perhaps the full Stone extravaganza — which shall air over the course of four evenings on Showtime, starting on June 12 — will present meatier answers, unlike the evasive reference to “rumors” that Putin made on Tuesday. Watch below.

(Via Deadline & The Daily Beast)