Megyn Kelly Fires Back At Trump: ‘If You Can’t Get Past Me, How Are You Gonna Handle Vladimir Putin?’

Megyn Kelly finally responded to Donald Trump, although it came in an interview recorded before Friday night’s comments on CNN. Still Kelly didn’t shy away from the criticism of her performance at the debate, strongly defending her questioning by saying that if candidates “can’t get past me, how are you gonna handle Vladimir Putin.”

As for the claims that she and others may have singled out Trump during the debate, Kelly noted that she asked tough but fair questions to all the candidates, as reported by Mediaite:

She explained that the goal was, for every candidate, to “drill down to their most vulnerable areas and then give them a chance to explain them” because these same things will most definitely resurface in the general election.

Kelly anticipated a few boos (which they got), but said of all the criticism, “It’s okay, I’m a big girl. I can take it.” Furthermore, she made it clear she didn’t want her male co-moderators being her white knights in case she came under attack.

Kelly still hasn’t responded to the comments that seemed to really rile up the hornet’s nest on Friday, leading to Trump being banned from a Republican event Saturday.

Meanwhile, deep within the recesses of his apartment in Manhattan, Donald Trump made the rounds on the Sunday morning talk circuit to clear his good name, respond to his critics, clarify his comments, and NOT apologize. His first stop was State Of The Union on CNN where he returned to the scene of the crime to clear his name according to Politico:

“Only a deviant” would suggest his remarks were sexist, Trump said. “Only a sick person would even think about it.”

Moreover, Trump denied his comments about Kelly would hurt his standing among conservatives who follow her.

“When you say beloved, I would say this, on social media, I am beloved,” Trump said, adding he was the reason the Republican debate drew such high ratings. “Twenty-four million people weren’t there to watch Carly Fiorina or Jeb Bush,” Trump said.

He followed this appearance up with a stop over at Meet The Press, which is humorous because he and Chuck Todd do not get along it seems. He did once say he could replace Chuck Todd if given the opportunity, but now he needs him to help clear his name following these comments. But Todd probably wasn’t willing to help out too much from the sound of it.

(Via Mediaite / Politico / NBC / Fox News)